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Number bibs and chip service

Welcome to the part of our website with special information for event timers and others who are interested in timekeeping at sports events.

PROM’ES number bibs: ‘More than a number!’
A race number is definitely: ‘More than a number!’ It’s also an organising tool, a communication tool and a sponsor tool. Our qualified team combines all different demands into a balanced race number with optimal use of all possible options.

  • The right and complete product selection for every sport event
  • Finest printing quality for participant and sponsor
  • Materials that are perfect and stay perfect in all conditions
  • Every possible option you might need for a smooth race day
  • Free design service for all products
  • All production and handling under our own supervision in our own factory

PROM’ES chip service: ‘Let the timer take care of the timing!’
Although we are not a timer ourselves, we know by experience how important accurate event timing is for participants and sponsors. We play an important role in the preparations for an event and we have become a professional partner for timers throughout Europe. From our knowledge about the UHF-techniques and awareness of the importance of accurate timing, we have developed our unique chip service.

This chip service provides a 100% guaranteed process of automated coding, checking and application of RFID-tags on your number bibs. This way, event timers are free of concern and labour before race day and they can concentrate on their key tasks: collecting and processing event data.

The advantages of PROM’ES chip service, according to our customers throughout Europe:

• 100% quality guaranteed:

By the unique, automated procedures with multiple checks, the risk of mistakes with manual procedures have disappeared. There are multiple checks in one production process and there are log files available for extra security. 

• Independent and guaranteed closed production:

PROM’ES works in close cooperation with all major system suppliers in Europe. This way, we have updated knowledge of RFID-technology that we apply in our services for you. Of course, we guarantee our partners and customers full confidentiality of system specifications.

• Short leadtimes:

We can start right after the first number bib has been printed with our chip service. Therefore, if necessary, we can deliver every event in Europe numbers including chips within 48 hours. 

• Cheap: 

Our fee for our chip service equals in most cases the costs that timers have when doing all the work by themselves. For example costs for printing, encoding, manual application, and the cost for organizing people and goods, but also logistical costs to get the numbers from the printing area to the place where they will be chipped and from there back to the timer of the event venue. If needed we can ship directly to the event with you mentioned as the sender. 

• Fulfilment:

Besides your RFID-tag on a number bib, we also take care of applying possible foam spacers and the packing of your event packages (fulfilment). Also, we do have multiple solutions for events where a tag on the bib is not the ideal option like mud races, obstacle runs, triathlons and cycling. To make things complete, our back office can offer you full service in the communication with your event: graphic design, series, options and logistics.

• Full service:

Our customers are especially glad with the fact that we take care of everything. As one of our customers mentioned: ‘Especially during high season, we have more than enough work and stress. The support that PROM’ES provides us makes our lives really a lot easier, without having to worry about the quality and performance.’


If needed, we deliver all events throughout Europe within 48 hours!
Take a look at our: number bib and chip service production timeline.pdf

Are you interested how we can be of service to your organisation?
Contact us and we are happy to be of service with a tailor-made offer, without obligation.



Over 20 years, PROM’ES proved itself as a reliable partner in Event Supplies for events throughout Europe. In this video we give you 3 reasons to order your race numbers at PROM’ES!

  • Large selection of race bibs for running, cycling and multisport
  • Various materials
  • A race number is definitely 'More than a number...!'


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