Personalisation of medals with medal insert

Medaltab: makes every medal unique! The recess on the back of your medal offers space for personalisation through a medal insert. A few days after the event, your participants will receive a personally engraved inlay with their name and time, distance or other desired text. 

Full service: no extra work

You automatically sell Medaltab when your participants register. PROM’ES then takes care of production, packaging and shipping the medal plates. So no extra work for you during or after the event! Medaltime has a much higher conversion than engraving after the finish. Moreover, this way you avoid queues. 

Extra earnings for your organisation

In addition to the extra service that you offer your participants via Medaltab, your organisation also receives a portion of the revenue, ranging from € 0.70 to € 2.00 per Medaltab sold. 

  • Medaltab: personalisation of medals with medal insert
  • Attractive cashback for your organisation
  • Full service: no extra work for you during or after the event
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